10 eco apps for newbies

We all want to do good but let’s face it, sometimes we just prefer the easier option.

Yes, sometimes we buy plastic bottled water, sometimes we say yes to a plastic bag (quietly hoping we don’t bump into anyone we know on our way out through the walk of shame) and sometimes we buy those sugar filled chocolate bars by the side of the counter. Why do they tempt us so?!

Truth is none of us are perfect. It takes discipline and a strong determination to choose what’s best for the planet and ourselves and this is a journey which doesn’t happen overnight.

But there are some things which are seriously easy to do and if you’re new to this natural life biz or love finding out more you can do then technology can help… a lot.

Here are our top favourite Eco Apps that make doing good just a click away. Chocolate bar get ready for round two!

1. Ecosia 

Ecosia is a search engine that uses profits from the internet searches to plant trees in places that need them most. All you have to do is simply open the Ecosia app instead of Google or Safari and it works just the same. So far, they’ve planted over 124 million trees in 22 different countries. The app is free for iOS and android and is so awesome it let’s you know daily how many trees your own searches have planted.

2. Olio

A place where homes and businesses can share food with their neighbours that they would normally have thrown out. The app works by sharing a photo with a description including a use by date and location. Users browse their local listings and request what they would like and arrange a pick up via private message. Free for iOS and android.

3. JouleBug

This app is great for anyone starting to live a green lifestyle or for those who are always looking for a way to stay motivated and excited. The app turns sustainability into a game, buzzing every time you do something good for the planet. With tips to make your day to day more sustainable and exciting monthly eco challenges. Free for iOS and android.

4. Yuka

An easy way to find out what is actually in your day to day products. Just simply scan the barcode and it will tell you the ingredients and their level of risk. Also it will recommend healthier options you can swap it for. Free for iOS and android.

5. Refill

Instead of buying water bottles whilst you’re out and about simply search for a water refill station so you can fill your reusable bottle up, wherever you are! Free for iOS and android.

6. Duchapp

How long do you shower for? On average a person takes a shower between 10 and 12 minutes and uses an average of 200 liters of water. Using the app this time is reduced to less than 5 minutes saving up to 130 liters of water in each shower. Per year this translates into a reduction of 47,450 liters of water per person. Free for iOS.

7. Punto limpio

Want to properly dispose and recycle electronic waste? Here’s an easy search engine with more than 1700 drop off points all over Spain with the aim of making it easier for citizens to channel them properly, thus contributing to their proper recycling and avoiding their negative impact on the environment and people’s health. Free for iOS.

8. NoWaste

NoWaste is a food inventory app where you can track, organise and manage the food in your fridge, freezer, and pantry. It’s free for iOS and can save you money if you have a tendency of over buying or throwing away good food you’d forgotten about.

9. Good on you

The fashion industry has major problems with waste, pollution and human rights abuse. By searching the clothing brand the app gives you an insight so you can make an informed choice when buying your clothes. Advising you on companies which are great and others which should be avoided. And recommends more sustainable swaps if your favourite brand is on the lower scale. Free for iOS and android.

10. BlaBlaCar

BlaBlaCar is an easy, affordable ridesharing app. Just add where you want to leave from and where you want to go and the app will show you rides which match your criteria. Free for iOS and android.

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