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6 easy ways to improve immunity

Finding ways to stay strong and healthy can be an endless task when life takes us through so many ups and downs, so we’ve summarised it into these 6 keys for a strong immune system which are effective, affordable and super easy

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How to choose the best reusable water bottle

Investing in a reusable water bottle is an excellent way of reducing single use plastic contamination. Here we take a look at the best materials to choose from and how to pick the bottle which most suits your needs.

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10 eco apps for newbies

We all want to do good but let’s face it, sometimes we just prefer the easier option. If you’re new to this natural life biz or love finding out more ways you can help, here are our top 10 eco apps…

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Why fast fashion is growing out of fashion

Things are slowing down. The fast paced life we have grown so accustomed to is nearing its end and the “slow life” movement is catching on faster than ever. From slow-fashion to slow-food, slow-travel and slow-love, the list of slow terms are an ever growing part of our vocabulary and simplicity has become the new

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Welcome to Nao Naï

For as long as we can remember we’ve been lovers of simplicity, health and all things natural and to date we are convinced a sustainable lifestyle is within all of our reach…

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