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Welcome to the blog! If you don’t know us already then let us introduce ourselves. Our names are Ako and Yaa and we’re the sisters behind the brand.

We grew up in London in a multicultural family and moved to a tiny village named Jávea by the Cabo de la Nao some 18 years ago. Life’s taken us near and far since then but the coast of these sparkly Mediterranean seas is the place we call our home, and our name is a tribute to her.

For as long as we can remember we’ve been lovers of simplicity, health and all things natural and to date we are convinced a sustainable lifestyle is within all of our reach.

One of the biggest misconceptions we’ve come across along this journey is the belief that organic living and sustainable approaches are extreme, expensive or difficult, it doesn’t have to be that way at all and that’s what this blog is all about, keeping things simple, real and down to earth.

Sustainability isn’t just about saying no to plastics and shopping with a tote bag. It’s not about being anti this or anti that or making war with the way things are in the world.

Until we learn to be at peace with ourselves we cannot be at peace with others and ultimately cannot contribute to a peaceful world. This is the art of true sustainability: balance

So, instead of focusing on all the problems of the world (which we’re sure you’ve heard enough of already) we created this space for us to learn and grow together, covering topics that work on building an inner and outer sustainability and focusing on simple and practical solutions.

If you’re interested in the same things then this is the right place for you! come and find something useful, share something useful or just say hi, we’d love to hear from you!

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